SparkCures, LLC partners with the NTRKers Foundation to bring clinical trial matching to the NTRK gene fusion cancer patient community


Pittsburgh, PA [JUNE 20, 2023]. SparkCures, LLC and NTRKers Foundation, Inc. announced today that the organizations have partnered to help NTRK gene fusion cancer patients and their care partners find, understand and connect with eligible clinical trial options across the US and around the world. 

Neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase (NTRK) gene fusions most often occur in rare tumor types. However, they can be found in a very broad range of pediatric, adolescent and adult cancers. Advances in biomarker therapy have allowed for the ability to target this unique cancer driver. Therefore, patients with NTRK gene fusion cancer are living longer, but may continue to face challenges in their treatment journey.

This partnership brings together technology and patient support for the NTRK gene fusion cancer community. SparkCures, LLC is a technology and patient support company with nine years of experience as a free resource for patients, helping them navigate and explore clinical trial options and connecting with cancer specialists.

“We are pleased to provide our technology and support resources to the NTRK patient community. NTRKers Foundation, Inc. is aligned with our mission to help patients and their care partners make better informed decisions when it comes to treatment options.  Clinical trials are the only path towards newer, better therapies but not all patients are aware that these options even exist” said Brian McMahon, SparkCures Founder & CEO.

Susan Spinosa, President and Patient Founder of NTRKers Foundation Inc., remarks, “We are excited by this opportunity to support our community with this free tool for patients. Understanding the trial landscape can be confusing and burdensome. We believe that this partnership will further our goal to ensure that ‘every adult and child with NTRK gene fusion cancer has the best chance of living life to the fullest – and that means better access to testing, treatments, and research.’”

Patients, care partners and healthcare professionals can now search, sort and filter all available NTRK gene fusion clinical trial options at “The worst time to look for a trial is when you need one; this is why our services are so vital to the cancer community and why we encourage everyone to start thinking about their treatment and clinical trial options as early as they can,” said McMahon.

About NTRKers Foundation, Inc.

The NTRKers is a global, non-profit patient group founded by patients and loved ones living with NTRK gene fusion cancer and supported by leading clinical experts. They unite people affected by NTRK gene fusion cancer worldwide. Their mission includes seeking greater awareness and knowledge of NTRK gene fusions in cancer, diagnosis and testing for NTRK gene fusions, access to ongoing research and treatments and support and education for patients and care partners. Visit 

About SparkCures, LLC

SparkCures is a patient navigation and technology company that simplifies the process of exploring clinical trial options. Through our unique collaboration with patients, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry, we make it easy for patients and their care partners to find, understand and connect with eligible clinical trials (both in their home area and around the US). SparkCures is a free service provided to patients with Multiple Myeloma, Smoldering Myeloma, Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance, and NTRK gene fusion cancer. Learn more at

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